Monday, February 9, 2015

Monday Free Choice Blog Assignment

This is a blog assignment.

Today's assignment is another blog post.  The topic is up to you as long as it is school appropriate.  Title the assignment “Free Choice."

This assignment must be at least 150 words in at least 3 paragraphs.  Include at least 2 pictures and at least 1 link to a website related to your topic.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

How many handshakes?

This is a blog assignment.

1)  You walk into your first college class and the professor tells you to shake hands and introduce yourself to every other student in the classroom.  Every student shakes hands with every other student exactly once.  How many handshakes were there (there are a total of 10 students in class)?

2)  After everyone finishes shaking hands an eleventh student enters the classroom.  How many handshakes will there be (total) after he is done shaking hands?

3)  What would be the total if there were 20 students in the class?

The following illustration is your hint as to how to figure out these three answers.  Post your three answers on your blog.  Title the post "How Many Handshakes?"

Additional hint-  There is a pattern (formula) to this problem.  Once you figure it out, you can quickly calculate the answer no matter how many people there are.

You may collaborate with your fellow classmates, but you must be able to explain your answers.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Make up work Monday

Check your Google Drive class folder to make sure that you have all 8 Google assignments (#6 we are not doing).  Then log in to Schoolloop and make sure that you have a grade of 7 or higher on those 8 assignments.  Complete any unfinished assignments.

If the Google Drive assignments are done and graded, then get caught up with the Coding assignments.

If the Google Drive assignments and the Coding assignments are complete, then finish any missing Blog assignments.

If everything is complete and you have a grade in Schoolloop for everything, then let me know.